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Nicosia Municipality

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The Nicosia Municipality is presently facing a series of issues regarding road safety and need to act upon road safety issues in order to make the movement of citizens and visitors in the streets of our city safer. We therefore commit to the following:

Part A - Upgrade city's road infrastructure

We aim to improve road safety, drivers & pedestrians' safety and ensure residents, drivers and pedestrians' safety by the following infrastructure actions:

  1. To assist with issues regarding speeding and traffic observance we will conduct the following
      Pavement reconstruction and traffic lights installation.
  2. Construction of humped crossings. Traffic Reduction measures.
  3. Upgrade of existing traffic lights and road markings.

  • The huge number of cars parked on both sides of the streets results in problematic distribution of cars through the streets with potential accident risk. We will therefore upgrade the one way system in 7 of the Municipalities streets to (a) allow parking (b) aid the distribution of cars (c) forbid road crossing (d) ensure pedestrians' safety
  • Lack of clear road marking and signage leads to non-observance of traffic law, and thus potential risk. We will therefore upgrade road marking and traffic signs.
  • Part B - Training in road safety

    We aim to prevent dangerous driving within Nicosia boundaries, educate car drivers to obey traffic rules through.

    1. In collaboration with the Chief of Police we will organise a seminar for the employees driving official cars. The seminar will focus on greater awareness among all the employees as far as it concern road safety in town. We consider the municipal employees should be setting the standard with regard to road safety in the city. Our objective is that they drive with responsibility and thus present the correct message to all our citizens.
    2. In collaboration with the Design Bureau for the accessibility of persons with disabilities, we will organise a seminar for traffic wardens (35 in total). The seminar will focus on the traffic rules to be respected to ensure disabled people safety in the streets and how to minimise risks. We anticipate that this knowledge will be passed on to the public more effectively.

    Nicosia, 13th February 2009

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