European Road Safety Charter

Touring Club Schweiz

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The TCS - Touring Club Suisse, commits to undertake the following actions in order to improve road safety:

  1. In spite of the law, the use of seatbelts is still unsatisfactory. From 2006, we will participate actively in a three-year road safety campaign in order to improve the use of seat belts in cars by 10%, with follow-up of this objective carried out through the statistics provided by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (bfu). We will distribute printed material (1 million flyers) and provide information about the campaign to the media.
  2. As infrastructures are not always in accordance with today's road safety needs, we aim to better identify unsafe spots on the road network. In addition to the standard EuroRAP programme (that provides a safety rating of the European main road network), we will analyse the degree of danger of certain roads for motorcycle drivers (especially mountain roads).
  3. In response to the lack of information about road safety, we will establish a continuous education programme for all road users:
    • Children's education at school: we develop and provide exclusive free material (1.5 million items per year) for the police force, which visits every school class in Switzerland, reaching more than 400,000 children per year.
    • Driver school and training: free road safety brochures are produced and distributed via driving associations.
    • Elderly drivers: providing information about the influence of age on drivers’ abilities and their mobility with printed material (15,000 leaflets per year) and active counselling provided during special driving courses, adapted to their special needs.
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