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Polis Chrysochous Municipality

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Polis Chrysochous Municipality, through its road safety programme, aims to reduce accidents caused by a lack of road safety education and will raise public awareness through the following actions in the next three years:

1.       We will organize seminars and lectures for the citizens of our Municipality. The aim is to raise awareness on road safety issues and to provide guidelines for the correct and safe usage of our roads. The seminars and lectures will be given by experts from the Cyprus Police Force and printed material will also be distributed. The specific dates for these lectures and locations will be announced at a later date. The printed material will be in the form of 3000 informative leaflets
2.       We will show movies of themes of road safety. These movies will be prepared by road safety experts and will demonstrate good practices whilst using the road infrastructure. The movies will be shown to our citizens on specific dates and during the seminars and lectures mentioned in our previous action.
3.       We will take a better road signage of our area, and upgrading the existing roads. We will evaluate the current road signage and make the necessary improvements where needed.
charter your road saftey problem(s) 

It has been observed that the most fatal accidents in our area,  are caused by excessive sppeds and generally by violations of code.

Your knowledge 

Generally, we are known of the code of road safety and we are informed by the Local Police and various bodies for other problems, which are associated with the road behaviour of the citizens of the Municipality and widen region.

eventual partnerships in your commitment 

With Cyprus Police, Road Department and other individuals professionals trained on road safety.

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