Carta Europea de la Seguridad Vial

Agios Athanasios Municipality

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The Municipality of Agios Athanasios, through the European Road Safety Charter, aims to reduce accidents by adopting the following measures for the next three years:

1.      In order to encourage cyclists to use their bicycles safer, we will develop a cycling path that will start from the old town centre and ends at the sea front of the town.
2.      We will proceed to the reconstruction and repair pavements. 
3.      Upgrade the lighting of all roads and pedestrian crossings.
4.      Improve road surfaces, markings and signage, to minimize accidents due to road default.
5.      Employ traffic wardens outside the schools and implement traffic calming measures. 
6.      In order to reduce road accidents, we will define the town's problematic spots and we will promote solutions to improve road safety, giving priority to intersections.  
7.      Creation of new parking places to prevent dangerous and illegal parking.
8.      Municipal traffic wardens will focus on illegal parking, in order to improve the pedestrian's safety.
9.      Develop and initiate in cooperation with the road accident department and the municipality police force for by organizing information seminars and meetings at schools.
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