Carta Europeia da Segurança Rodoviária


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The Rotary club of Nicosia - SALAMIS commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years by running a campaign jointly with the Ministry of Communications & Works and the Representatives of the MOT Association (the licensed association performing the required technical car inspection in order to grant the “Certificate of Road Worthiness”).

The campaign will be to carry out a free MOT test on specific dates during spring 2011, at specified places on the main motorway.
They will concentrate their campaign on the good operational state of the vehicle, the rational being that if a vehicle keeps up with safety standards, its breaks and tyres are checked out regularly, its indicator and lights are working properly and generally if it is kept in an immaculate mechanical condition, then they are ensuring that at least no accident will be attributed to the vehicle’s condition.

Their motto is “Destination, the Safe Return” and a leaflet on how vehicles are kept in good condition is distributed by the attending Team Members of their Club to the drivers. The event will be publicized through the local media (press, radio and TV).

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We consider it as part of our mission to serve the local community after realizing the serious problem it faces, especially with respect to the yearly growth of road traffic accidents in an island as small as the island of Cyprus and decided that action had to be taken.

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The Ministry of Communications & Works (Road Transport Department), the Police (Traffic Department) and the MOT Association.

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