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Tallinn University Haapsalu College

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
In spite of positive trends happened during last years in Estonia in the field of road accident reduction, surprisingly high share is taking accidents involving children. Tallinn University Haapsalu College takes the obligation to:
*        Assure the primary and secondary school teachers in Haapsalu free of charge opportunity to take part in bicycle training courses. During the course the teachers will be given tips how to cycle safely.
*        Every year as a part of the curriculum integration days in Haapsalu College, we will offer free of charge
a possibility to take exams for bicycle licence in the city of Haapsalu. The exam gives overview about different dangers on the road from cyclists´ point of view.
*        Lecturers of Haapsalu College will take part in the Safe Community work in Lääne County.
The Safe Community works within Safety Council which is implementing injury prevention and safety promotion. For the implementation of injury prevention and safety promotion ideas, a cross-sectional team of interested parties was gathered together. The Safety Council consists of 21 persons including rescue prevention specialist, road safety prevention specialist, hospital leader, police youth, traffic inspector, children protection specialist, Haapsalu College health promotion curriculum coordinator and traffic safety curriculum coordinator.
The meetings of the Safe Community take place every 3 months, and outcomes are evaluated, results are presented to County Government and public at the end of the year.
We will be implementing these activities within the next three years.
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