European Road Safety Charter

Norges Automobil-Forbund – NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Norges Automobil-Forbund (NAF) focuses in particular in 2 issues:
A: Children/young and elderly drivers.
B: Tunnel safety. Norway has 947 tunnels longer than 500 meters.
NAF is already involved in traffic safety actions with many activities from pre-school children, driver license education to refreshment courses for elderly drivers.
NAF runs campaigns in commercial media, has active presence at schools and in particular campaigns about vehicle control. The 74 local clubs have numerous activities throughout the year were young drivers is the target group.
NAF commits itself to increase this activity in coming years.
We will organise the following not-for-profit training activities:
-Approx. 55 000 candidates for driving license fulfil a 3 hour NAF-course on slippery/icy surface + 2 hour of highway driving
-Approx. 30 000 youngsters 10-12 years compete in local/regional tests in correct bicycling behaviour.
-Approx. 25 000 elderly drivers participate in voluntary refreshments courses. 3 hrs x 2 nights
-Every September, approx. 60 000 reflective safety vests, 60 000 yellow caps, 100 000 reflective badges will be distributed at kindergartens and schools for free. Active visibility demonstrations in dark involve approx. 120 schools and 60 000 children every year.
As a member of European Tunnel Assessment Programme, we distribute the leaflet "Safety in tunnels" (English version) to motorists visiting Norway travelling by ferry from Germany, Denmark and UK. The leaflet is handed directly to each car when it embarks in Norway. Every summer, 30000 leaflets are distributed to tourists from the continent and British Isles. This action will be continued in the coming years.
At info sheets about safety tested tunnels can be found in English. The info is linked to other European motor organisations.
Duration of commitments: 2009-2011
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