European Road Safety Charter

Nursery School nr 50 in Lublin

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
The Nursery School nr 50 in Lublin commits itself to cooperating within the European Charter of Road Safety and will organise educational activities about road safety for children.
Our activities will be contained in the educational project. To implement it, we are planning to involve children from the ages of 3 to 6, all our employees, parents and local institutions.
Our target is: getting children into the habit of caring about their own safety and that of others.
A child will be aware of the following notions although he will be accompanied in applying them:
- knows the rules of the safe use of roads,
- recognises basic road signs,
- is able to cross the road in places indicated for that purpose,
- is able to use means of transport,
- knows car rules: baby car seats, seat belts,
- plays in places indicated for that purpose,
- can be seen; wears fluorescent badges,
- is able to ask for help,
- is able to call the police, emergency services and the fire brigade.
Methods of implementation:
- Games and puzzles
- Practical exercises (excursions, walks, observation)
- Drama/theme games
- Educational films, multi-media presentations
- Educational games
- Performances
- Art and skills competitions
- Meetings with representatives of the National Fire Brigades, The Police – Traffic Department, Emergency Services, Military Police
- Talks, classes
We are planning to:
1.     Fit our children with fluorescent badges.
2.     Install a mock-up village in the kindergarten patio.
3.     Supplement teaching materials with educational games.
4.     Organise information sessions for parents.
5.     Create an “information corner” for parents and children.
6.     Organise classes of crossing the road with a policeman.
7.     Conduct practical exercises: Safe in a Car.
8.     Continue cooperation with “Klub Pancernika”.
Partners in this commitment:
National Board of Road Safety, Provincial Traffic Centre in Lublin, Municipal Office Lublin – Education Commission, Police Headquarters in Lublin – Traffic Department, Local media – TVL3, Radio Lublin, Kurier Lubelski, Drivers’ Training Centre, Renault Service Station
Commitment duration:
September 2009 – September 2012


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