Europäische Charta für Straßenverkehrssicherheit

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


UEI seeks to carry out actions to encourage road users to improve their behaviour (careless behaviour is the number one cause of road accidents) by promoting current legislation, and to educate private and professional drivers in order to combat dangerous behaviour. Over the next few years, UEI aims to achieve a change through the following:
- As of January/February 2010, Web 2.0 tools will be used to promote and disseminate what can be changed in the daily behaviour of citizens (pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, young people, the elderly, etc.) by interfacing with the public on the Internet and hearing proposals and ideas directly from people who use the roads as opposed to from experts, technicians and policy-makers. Furthermore, a mascot/cartoon character will be created to act as the spokesperson, conveying messages (which will then be disseminated via the Internet) to make our streets safer.
- Two meetings per month with local authority officials and company representatives (e.g. provincial and regional presidents and vice-presidents, consortium and association directors) in order to promote, among those directly responsible for the “public” issue, awareness about the importance of road safety. The following regions will be involved: Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Lazio, Piemonte and Veneto.
- As of January/February 2010, the aim will be to disseminate news on the UEI website (currently under construction) about local, national, European and international events/shows on road safety.
- As of autumn 2009, the commitment will focus in particular on children and young people (primary, middle and secondary school pupils) in order to turn them into “good practice educators”, particularly in relation to their parents and peers, through information/dissemination interventions at schools. The aim is to reach 1,000 children of all levels. The interventions will be carried out on a non-profit basis.
- As of autumn 2009, the commitment will focus on finding driving school and sports organisation owners to raise awareness among those who, in turn, can educate/train those learning to drive, thus organising information on a bottom-up basis.
- Research and data analysis activity (enriched by way of photographic documentation) in relation to road signs, particularly in Friuli Venezia-Giulia, and possible improvements; this activity can then be used as a benchmark (e.g. the situation regarding roundabouts: good practices, critical situations and risks); the results of the research will be published on our website for dissemination purposes.
- Participation in events relating to road safety, defensive driving and preventative driving, and collaboration with other bodies (local, national, European and international) to disseminate initiatives and promote/organise events/shows/workshops.



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