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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
OPAP Cyprus intends to give maximum attention to road safety within its Corporate Social Responsibility framework and will focus on the media sector as well as the educational with regard to road safety activities.
In collaboration with Government bodies (voluntary bodies, boy scouts etc) we will organise road safety events for the education of young people on driving behaviour. These events will be established in order to ensure that they will recur and their quality will be permanently upgraded to ensure that the correct and most up to date information is used.
We will organize about ten events in a three year period, three to four each year. We support the annual event about road safety, which is organized by the police giving presents to the children that participate in the event (safety vests, balls etc).
We will also organize an annual event about road safety. In these events children aged 6-12 take part and they are taught the rules of road safety by playing different games.
We will also sponsor several events which are organized by different clubs and organizations about road safety.
We advertise all the above events on TV, radio and leaflets. About 3.000 people will attend the events.
To enhanced and support the events, will be a printing and distributing of road safety leaflets, so that the process will become more easily comprehensible and known to a larger portion of the population. The leaflets will give information about the events (place, date) and at the same time will inform people about rules on road safety.
We will print about 3.000 leaflets and we will distribute them in schools and during the activities.


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