European Road Safety Charter

Pohjola Non-Life Insurance Company Ltd

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
We will organize during the next 3 years driving courses for motorcyclists. The courses aim to increase participants' control of the vehicle and hence the traffic safety. The trainers are well-known professional drivers, such as the motorcycle rider Mika Kallio. The feedback and experiences from these courses will be spread out to our customers through OP-Pohjola Group's member magazines and internet-service. Our member magazine reaches 1,3 million readers.

Pohjola will study and develop actively a driving style and mileage -based traffic insurance and its pricing. This way we can achieve our customers to reduce car use in general and to steer driving outside rush hours and therefore improve road safety. The studies and experiments are carried out with hundreds of our customers. The driving style and mileage -based insurance study’s results are actively spread out to the press and customers.


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