European Road Safety Charter


What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


We at PWC have a responsibility because a large proportion of our colleagues are young professionals (average age 27 years old) and unfortunately the accident statistics show that a quarter of road deaths are young people. Additionally we also feel that we are not only affecting the behaviour of our colleagues but also their families and dependents.
Therefore we commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following:
We have a duty to improve road user behaviour of our employees and their dependents.
More specifically we feel that we could educate them on the following basic road safety issues- speed, alcohol use and driving, seat belts and vehicle safety.
   1. To target the lack of awareness on road safety we will educate our young colleagues on road safety issues by introducing the subject of road safety during the firm's induction training week for employees. We will also invite all members of our firm to attend road safety event. Our induction courses are carried out every month or twice a month (depending on the intakes) and they are addressed to new recruits. The number of attendants varies from 10 - 20 depending on the needs of the organisation. In the last half of 2008 we had more than 245 new recruits.
   2. To heighten awareness and correct use of the vehicles road safety features we will educate our colleagues as well as our clients by organising an event in one of our main parking areas regarding road safety. We are planning to invite all our employees and perhaps some clients and have a lecture on road safety (perhaps from police or other relevant authority) We will bring a car on stage and a mechanic, to talk to the people on what issues they should concentrate on regarding safety in using their car on the road.
   3. We are concerned about children and road safety and want to involve children on road safety as early as possible. We will organise an event in the Police Road Safety Park with the firm's children. The session usually is for one morning. We will choose a Saturday morning for parents working in our firm to bring their children (ages 6-17). From experience from other events we organise involving children of our staff we have around 200 plus the parents who usually stay if they are invited too.
   4. We want to reduce the stress during the morning rush hour for our employees commuting to work:
          * By introducing a flexible starting time in the mornings
          * By providing free parking spaces for all of our members of our firm including the trainees at our offices.
      These actions will hopefully have a positive impact on the morning's rush hour, and therefore decreasing the number of accidents due to stress.
   5. We will create a Road Safety Database on our IT system that will provide information, news, presentations and accident cases/examples in order to develop our Road Safety Policy and communicate it to our employees through internal communication. Also we plan to extend our communications on Road Safety issues through our firm's magazine which is distributed to our staff, their families and is placed on our firm's receptions and conference rooms.



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