European Road Safety Charter

Révész Group Hungary

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
We would like to commit with the following action to improve road safety by improving our professional transport tools: our trucks.
Over the upcoming period of two years, we will replace our fleet of vehicles with 200 new semi-trailer tractors which is the 100 % of the fleet. When specifying the new equipment, we ordered most of the passive and active safety devices and we strongly recommend their use among our drivers. We will also provide our drivers and technical staff with basic training courses before handing these new and modern vehicles over in order to teach them of the safest possible driving.
For control purposes, we use our own tools and technical devices (GPS), as well as statistics and analyses of data for our business.
We specify optimum routes focusing on road safety, as well plan time for rest for the drivers.
If we become aware of any breaking of the traffic rules, we apply a zero-tolerance approach.
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