European Road Safety Charter

Red Cross Finland

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
We commit to improve road safety in the following ways:
1. We will include first aid training into driving school training - as an indicator implementation by the end 2012.
2. We develop our own children's road safety material so that it would be used more widely. We will evaluate the success of this action by paying attention to the number of schools and kindergartens who are using the material. We will also study the feedback we get about the material. The children’s road safety material will help children to recognize and to avoid dangerous situations e.g. during school trips and near home.
3. We will develop our internet material called “The story of Henri and Henna”, which is part of the material called “You have one life - Keep it”. The development aims to make better use of the material. We will monitor the number of web visitors. The material is designed to influence adolescents’ and young adults (18-24 yrs) traffic attitudes and behaviour and ultimately, to reduce traffic fatalities.
4. We will intensify the distribution of Uskalla auttaa (Dare to help) -leaflets. These leaflets try to motivate the road users to participate in first aid courses.
5. We will develop educational material for first aid trainers. The material introduces road safety to the first aid training as a new section.

The Finnish Red Cross’ first aid training team at the central office is responsible of the above actions. 


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