European Road Safety Charter

Rizeliler Eg - Rize Education, Culture and Solidarity Association (RECSA)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
During the 3-year commitment period, RECSA (Rize Education, Culture and Solidarity Association) will take actions about road safety issues in the cities of Ankara and Rize. As a preliminary step, after signing the action the Association will assign a Project Coordinator from one of its members, who will manage all the actions. Also, a number of tutors will be determined and trained in order to reach the goals of this project. External assistance will be provided from private and/or governmental institutions regarding the tutors.
Here is the list of planned actions for this project:
-          *We will provide members and employees of the Association in Ankara with the training about road safety measures and user behaviour for drivers and pedestrians. The training program will take place periodically every 4 months, in groups of 20 people in each session, giving a total of 180 people at the end of the contract period.
-          *We will organize similar training sessions in the city of Rize for students, youth and citizens, with the addition of "road infrastructure and safety" topic. The target number and session periods will be the same as in Ankara.
-          *We will organize a seminar at the end of the three-years commitment period in the city of Rize or Ankara, about "road infrastructure, safety and user behaviour", which will be well-attended by public and/or private institutions our organization will be in contact with for assistance or any necessities that will occur during the commitment period.
-          *We will publish and distribute 2000 leaflets and 500 video CD's about "road safety and user behaviour" to be distributed at schools, associations and other private/governmental institutions in the city of Rize. In addition, we will publish information in English on our website, in order to attract attention of people in other European countries.

As a result actions of RECSA will reach 360 people directly by trainings and around 5000 people by means of other methods. 

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