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Educational Program: "Eyes Open on the Road: The e-Learning Edition"

Educational Program: "Eyes Open on the Road: The e-Learning Edition"

Nowadays, online teaching and learning platforms are a “must have” in order to help educators meet the various academic and technical challenges they face and improve student engagement, thus spreading the road safety culture even in the most remote areas all over Greece.
Online Navigation - Instructions: ATTACHMENT 1

If you work together with external partners, list the most important partners and briefly describe their role. 
• COSMOLEARN is the company that provides the Moodle based e-Learning system. With Blackboard Collaborate, a browser-based virtual classroom solution built for education, institutions have a reliable, simple and convenient tool that seamlessly integrates with Moodle. • Among the most successful e-Learning programs of COSMOLEARN is the “DIGITAL PARENTS ACADEMY”. It is an interactive program, in cooperation with the cyber-crime investigator, Mr. Sfakianakis, for parents with children of all ages, analyzing the hazards of the internet and using a combination of preventative measures to stay safe when browsing the web. Another one is the GDPR program for Alpha Bank employees. • COSMOLEARN provides the codes for the participants (the use of codes ensures the anonymity of students) to enter the seminar and navigate. • Finally, COSMOLEARN provides a technical support before and after the online seminar and collects the questionnaires in order to be evaluated by them.
Welches Problem wollen Sie angehen? 
The educational program “Eyes Open on the Road: The e-Learning Edition” is a program that was conceived to cover the rapidly evolving learning environment and to adapt to the needs of today’s students all over Greece, especially in the province and the islands. Its previous form was an interactive seminar with a specialist lecturer on road safety issues and was a huge success (more than 10.000 students have participated by the end of 2018). Many schools do not have the required equipment i.e. mainly fast internet connection or the sufficient number of PCs. There are some schools that only a few PCs are available for over 100 students. “Attikes Diadromes A.E.” tries to help these school units by offering them new PCs, when possible.
Was planen Sie zu tun? Beschreiben Sie Ihre Ziele: 
1) To create and fund educational programs that aim at improving people’s driving behavior and educating future drivers. 2) To create awareness on road safety issues among passengers, bikers, motorists and young drivers.
Welche Zielgruppen haben Sie? 
Describe the characteristics of your target audience 
The target group of the particular educational program is High School students and its aim is for adolescents and young adults to learn about the basic principles of road safety as passengers, bikers, motorists and young drivers.
Wie viele Menschen wollen Sie erreichen? 
Wie wollen Sie vorgehen? Führen Sie die Maßnahmen auf, die Sie durchführen möchten: 
Dienstag, 1 Januar, 2019 bis Donnerstag, 23 Mai, 2019
Name of action 

Organizing the online training courses for various schools (all together more than 200 participants since the beginning of 2019)

Is there a plan for continuing these activities in the coming years? 
Our long-term objective is to help reduce road accidents involving our target audiences, such as primary school children and adolescents. Thus, we keep on funding and currying on four (4) educational programs. ATTACHMENT .2.
Wie werden Sie Ihre Ergebnisse verbreiten? 
The program "Eyes Open on the Road” goes online. • The e-Learning edition of the program has been forwarded to private schools, as a pilot program, after receiving the approval of the Chairman of the Greek Private Primary and Secondary Schools. The relevant feedback will be provided upon request. • Also, the e-Learning edition of the program is channeled to public schools, through the circulars of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, in order to be on the curriculum from the beginning of the new school year (2019-2020).
Wie gehen Sie vor, um den Erfolg Ihrer Maßnahme zu bewerten? 
Evaluation questionnaires (before and after the seminar) from the students who participated online will be collected. The relevant feedback will be statistically processed in order to obtain the results on the project, to evaluate the knowledge the students have acquired through it and for further improvements, if any.
Wer wird die Evaluierung vornehmen? 
External evaluation
Name of the external evaluator 
Wann werden Sie die Evaluierung durchführen? 
Before and after the intervention
Bitte führen Sie die Indikatoren auf, mit denen Sie den Erfolg messen wollen 
• The number of students who will attend the online educational program and complete all sessions. • The results of the scores (out of 100) before and after the educational program that indicate the knowledge acquired from the participants.
Bitte beschreiben Sie die Evaluierungswerkzeuge, die Sie verwenden wollen, z. B. Umfragen, Interviews, Schwerpunktgruppen usw. 
Evaluation questionnaires: These questionnaires will collect data on the schools where the project will be implemented and through them we will evaluate the knowledge the students acquire for road safety issues.