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PCRA-Agricultural Workshop on Energy Conservation on dated:20.08.2019

Women & Child Welfare SocietyExternal Faculty of Petroleum Conservation Research Association(PCRA),under Ministry of Petroleum Conservation and Natural Gas, Govt. of India Jointly organized in Collaboration with Tractors And Farm Equipment Limited(TAFE) PCRA-Agricultural Workshop on Energy Conservation on dated: 20.08.2019,Place: At/Po:Goudput,Via:Jaimangal,Dist. KhordhaState: Odisha [India]Conducted by:Mr. Keshab Chandra Maharana, Programme Coordinator of Women & Child Welfare Society,Mr.Manoj Ku. Ray (Field Activity Champion TAFE),Guest & Farmers Participated: Mr.Abdul Wadood (T.M-Sales),Mr. Rohit Kakar(Dealer), Above 30Nos.of Farmers