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Road Safety Initiative Group

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Our actions consist of visiting schools, community groups and soldiers to sensitize them to the tragic consequences of road accidents.
The team is made up of four speakers each time: a mother who lost her 18 year old son, a quadriplegic and two paraplegics.
We explain the need for road safety measures - use of seat-belts, helmets, not driving under-age without license and insurance etc.
The team is entirely voluntary and has stayed together and has been addressing groups roughly twice a week since 1993.
 A film showing the personal circumstances of the speakers after their accidents as well as them addressing students is being prepared so that it can be used as back up material now and later when the team stops its visits.
Commitment is for a further three years.
Number of people targeted by our action: 200 students per week
Number of materials produced (leaflets, etc.): Film and a colouring book.
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