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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

RoSPA Cyprus is committed to providing free help, advice and information to encourage any member of the community of Cyprus to assess the element of risk associated with any road journey for pleasure and business. It will help motorists and riders understand the causes and consequences of road traffic accidents and how best to minimise any involvement in them through the following actions:

1. We will provide free on road training to anyone interested in becoming an advanced driver or rider. All the training is based on "Roadcraft" the British Police Drivers handbook, under expert guidance from skilled Tutors. They will accompany drivers in their vehicle or if you are a motorbike rider they will follow you on their own bike. There is no time limit to the amount of training that is provided. 
The skill and safe attitude of the driver/rider is assessed when they undertake their advanced driving/riding test. All training is designed to ensure that the driver or rider wanting to take their RoSPA advanced driving or riding test is fully prepared and confident to take it.   Passes are graded as gold, silver and bronze awards. Our aim is to achieve more than 100 test passes during 2010 and will continue this through-out the following years.
2. RoSPA Cyprus will also support RoSPA UK and its nationwide network of over 50 local RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders groups ( and we will also work closely with a wide range of partners in Cyprus who are also committed to promoting increased levels of road safety.
RoSPA Cyprus recognises that advanced drivers and riders need to be better prepared for the road. Anyone who holds a full driving licence for the class of vehicle they drive or ride may join our Group. We advertise our presence throughout Cyprus through promotion by the media, internet forums, local community publications and networking. 


charter your road saftey problem(s) 

To educate and train drivers and motor cyclists in advanced driving and riding techniques.  This contributes to a safe, smooth and controlled drive/ride in order to increase the skill and confidence of the motorist/rider and reduce the risk of involvement in a crash. 

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The majority of road traffic accidents can be apportioned to driver or rider error.  The opportunity to acquire driving skills for life with a higher level of training will dramatically reduce the risk of the driver/rider being unprepared for any situation that may arise on the road. 

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We would like to be associated with like minded professionals in the public and private sectors who wish to participate in our training programmes for the public and employees. Also to be associated with any organisation that may wish to sponsor our charity to help us realise our aims and objectives.

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