European Road Safety Charter

Scania Slovenija d.o.o.

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
During the next three years we commit to undertaken the following actions:
1)  We will participate in the global Scania competition called Young European Truck Driver . The competition will start in november 2008 and its main objective is to promote the safe driving within our employees. It consists in a theoretical and a practical part. The national final will be followed by the European final featuring the winners of all the various countries. The competition will be followed by press conferences and promotion through media (general public-daily newspapers) in order to make the general public aware of road safety issues.
2)  We will work regarding drivers training with B&B. d.o.o. Driving School in Kranj. Training about defensive driving, skills and behaviour to reduce accidents will be offered to all volunteer truck drivers, with an objective of participation of 10 drivers a week. The target group are truck drivers of our customers and also drivers who drive other kind of brand.
 We will inform all of our customers (more than 2000) and also potential and other truck owners to raise their awareness about road safety. We will use, adverts, leaflets, posters, trade magazines, direct mailing.
We will also launch a media campaign about how to reduce fatal injures, importance of road safety, offensive driving etc. through trade magazines, daily newspapers.
3)  We will promote the Scania safety devices to all our costumers by a media local open day for presentation, via web, Public Relation articles, brochures, mailing.  
- Alcolock - device which tests driver’s alcohol level and, if necessary, uses a wireless system to automatically prevent the car engine from starting.
 - Red safety belt - by wearing these conspicuous belts, drivers indicate that they care about road safety and encourage others to wear the seat belt.
- Under run protection - device that prevents passenger cars from being wedged under the truck in a frontal collision. 
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