European Road Safety Charter


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Siminvest will sign the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with the following actions:
 Action 1
Integration of new systems for road safety and their popularization with the aim of improving the road safety standards in the country.
The company will integrate those new systems free of charge and on its own expanses. Consultant and project teams will be created in the company, who will inform every stakeholder interested in the new systems for road safety about the possibilities, advantages and utilities of modern road safety infrastructure accessories. All this information will also be published on the website of Road Infrastructure State Agency. Furthermore, the information will be distributed in the form of brochures among clients, consumers, partners and contractors.
 Action 2
Creation and active maintainance of a Facebook group ¨Safer Road¨
The information published will be exclusively focused on road safety problems on local, national and international levels. All kinds of material will be shared in the Facebook group - articles, news, videos, links to websites, tips for driving - all related to road safety. We believe that this is one innovative and interactive way to influence traffic behaviour and make us all more responsible and reasonable drivers and pedestrians.



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