European Road Safety Charter

Suraya Foundation

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

By signing the European Road Safety Charter we take responsibility to carry out actions in the following areas for the coming three years:

1, Spread awareness
We will make compelling messages which will spread awareness about dangers of reckless driving and seek to reform ways. We have at the moment 5 major campaigns which have been very effective in spreading awareness around the world including Europe. We will spread the campaigns via mass media i.e radio, TV, cinemas,advertising media and social media. Here is an example of our PSA themed "Are You Reckless?"

2, Disseminate data about road safety
We will disseminate our campaign methodology and findings to several road safety organizations around the world. We have consulted and provided valuable information about running effective PSA to governments in Middle East, India and Europe and hope to collaborate on projects. Our campaign "Safe Driver Oath" was made with collaboration with international media agency Metaphrenie where work worth $6,000 was donated. "Are You Reckless" was formed collaboration between Murdoch University, SAE Institute and Rayden Comics. We will collaborate with radio, TV and cinemas to spread awareness to the masses.

3, Measure campaigns effectiveness
"What gets measured gets managed". We will measure the effectiveness of the campaigns which will give us a glimpse of the elements that have worked and which haven't. We will measure via different analytics in place like focus group discussion, after market research, web analytics, surveys etc. Iterating and improving future campaigns with the information provided would be our goal.


charter your road saftey problem(s) 

9 our of 10 accidents happen in developing worlds and knowing that majority of the accidents can be averted of awareness can be spread there can be reduction of human carelessness and errors. Road accidents have been claiming victims for long time and it is very essential that we take measures to stem the rise of accidents.

eventual partnerships in your commitment 

We can work with European Road Safety partners to exchange ideas and spread the the cause and more over we can tie up on certain online campaigns for example collect data and disseminate them.

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