European Road Safety Charter

Swedbank - Estonia

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


During the next 3-year period, as part of the renewal of our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter, we will continue with safety belt and reflector topics and other road safety related issues. Among others, we will concentrate more on young people:


- We will take part in road safety related events, for example the children annual bike competition “Vigurvänt” which takes place on the 23rd of May, 2012. On the event we are planning to demonstrate different road safety simulators and also distribute road safety materials and reflectors.


- We will organize interactive activities/competitions also on the Facebook page of Swedbank-Estonia and give out road safety related prizes.


- We will compose road safety videos that will be uploaded on our Internet site and on the Facebook page. These videos will be also shown in our branches all over Estonia. The videos will be mainly focused on giving recommendations with different illustrative pictures on how to act in traffic.


- We will write articles about road safety to our client’s newsletters and take interviews from the Police of Estonia. First article is planned for the June 2012, where we give recommendations on road safety for the summer. Second article is planned for the  November 2012, where we will focus more on road safety in the winter.


-We will place banners at the barriers in our parking lot of Swedbank employees reminding them to always wear safety belts.


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