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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


Every year there are many children staying at the Tallinn Children's Hospital for treatment after traffic accidents. Usually the accidents occur because children are too careless and are not able to foresee the possible dangerous situations in street-traffic.
We want to commit to the European Road Safety Charter by preventing the possible danger situations. Many of the prevention programs addressed to children are short termed, so the result couldn't be measured scientifically.
1)         During 2009 - 2010 we will carry out 8-10 training session (around 20-50 children per session) for the children staying at the hospital. The main purpose of the training session will be to teach children to understand dangerous traffic situations where accidents can occur.
First we will have a teaching session where we will talk about risks in traffic and remind to follow traffic rules. That will be followed by a discussion forum about traffic accidents which have taken place already and how they could have been prevented.
In the end of the training session the children will do a quiz, to see what they have learned during the session.
2)         In summer 2009 we will carry out together with the traffic police and Estonian Road Administration a traffic safety day in the hospital courtyard. The purpose of the safety day is to carry out practical road safety exercises in a road safety playground. Additionally the children will have the opportunity to take tests to get a bicycle license.
With these actions we want to improve childrens traffic culture and decrease the number of children who come to hospital for the treatment after traffic accidents.
We will renew our action plan for the following three years depending on the evaluation process.
Partners: United Motors AS, Tallinn Social Welfare and Health Care Department, Estonian Road Administration, traffic police.


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