European Road Safety Charter

Tallinn City Government

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

 By joining the European Charter for Road Safety the municipality of Tallinn commits itself to improve road safety within its jurisdiction. In order to demonstrate our commitment, the following actions will be taken during next 3 years:

1. We create safer environment for vulnerable road users:
- We will proceed with physical reshaping of pedestrian crossings to protect the most vulnerable road users. We plan to make a study to identify pedestrian crossings where accidents between vehicles and pedestrians have occurred more often. We also take into consideration the possible risk depending on the physical layout of a pedestrian crossing. The study will be done in cooperation with experts. We plan to reconstruct at least 10 pedestrian crossings a year (installation of traffic light, islet, humped crosswalk, additional lighting, etc).
- We will proceed installing crosswalks with additional lighting, which is a unique project in Europe. Approximately 150 crosswalks have currently the additional lighting and we will install 15-20 pedestrian crossings with additional lighting a year.
- We plan to construct/reconstruct at least 5 km cycle and pedestrian paths a year to encourage walking and the use of bicycle.
2. We adapt roads to the needs and conditions of traffic and implement traffic calming schemes (roundabouts, chicanes, humped crossroads, humped crosswalks, parking methods, etc).
3. We implement access restrictions for transit traffic of heavy vehicles. The outcome is a reduction of heavy vehicles in the inner city.
4. In order to raise public awareness about safety, we will carry out a campaign at least once a year targeting as many people as possible. A part of the campaign will be in playful manner, so children would understand better the possible negative impact of their behaviour.
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