European Road Safety Charter

Tallinn University of Technology - Department of Transport

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
During the period of 2009-2012 Department of Transport TUT is committing to:
1.       Disseminate Road safety knowledge in our department, among 250 students. Our
department commits to participate at least twice a year at Road Safety workshops,
seminars or similar venues, arranged by students, where the teachers and students will
make presentations or participate. This activity could be spread also on partner
Universities in Estonia, which field of activity is not dealing directly with road safety and
transportation. We think that the dissemination of Road Safety information among
students who have not been educated in transport area (including safety) is extremely
2.       Participate at least once a year with presentation on road safety in workshops addressed to the public, trying thus increase public knowledge on road safety issues.
The main task of our department is to educate students and carry on scientific research. That is why our teaching staff and students' knowledge on this issue is high, and it is important to transfer this knowledge to public further than University's everyday activity.
One possible venue for such activity of changing knowledge and meeting people might be workshops, where people can discuss and present there views. Discussion could create new knowledge and make possible to solve problems. Estonian knowledge transfer is also important at the International level, as well as highlighting local problems. We also see here cooperation between the University and foreign partners, local municipalities, other Universities and high schools, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications as well the Road Administration.
3.       Participate voluntarily at least in three road safety training projects initiated by non-governmental organizations.
It is our position that changes in traffic behavior are most fruitful when using the initiatives sourced from inhabitants, thus if any of NGOs, e.g. student organizations. NGOs, or other privately initiated projects are under way, our task will be to assist by carrying out different actions: giving presentations, participating at discussions, or creating and leading these if needed, proposing our own solutions, measures, and best practices.
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