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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
For the next three years, we want to reduce road accidents by the following actions:
 - We have published the safety guidelines for using vehicles (snowmobile, ATV, bicycle, pressure wash truck, wheel tractor, fork-lift truck) and make them available in our document management system to all staff.
 - Trainings for safe driving on slippery road and driving in the dark are provided to the employees who use car for work purposes. Other preventive type of trainings are provided to all employees who have contact with this area within their jobs (marking road works, first aid, personal protective equipment, work safety, etc.). We will provide training to 5-20 people per annum, and depending on the needs, orders and budget of a particular year.
 - To promoting cycling safety, we have published a 4-page instruction (in Estonian and scope in English) for safe cycling (inside and outside of the Company's territory, use of helmet, technical conditions to be followed before starting the ride etc.) and we keep it available to all staff in our document management system.
 -We will publish cycling safety information in relevant publications (employees from work environment council have shared their good and bad experiences regarding the use of helmets, proper speed, technical conditions and attentiveness in the information sheet added to the internal newspaper lately and we provide this knowledge for other related institutions (f. ex, when needed). Our good examples regarding to safe cycling will be published via web page, too.
- We continuously ensure that the vehicles are always in a good technical order (reminders by the Transport Specialist of a timely change of tyres, checking on the existence of fire extinguishers and first aid equipment, maintenance, organisation of car wash etc.) and that the vehicles are used solely by the persons authorised for it.
- We ensure traffic safety of pedestrians, employees and vehicles during construction works: promoting the use of reflectors (reflector strips on job requirement vehicles, reflectors with the Company logo for pedestrians, reflectors on the work jackets-overalls), following the existence and upkeep of street markings, traffic signs, flashing lights on the maintenance vehicles, etc.
- We clean and upkeep traffic safety items within the Company's territory (speed bumps, mirrors in dark corners, areas marked for pedestrians, areas marked for parking).
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