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15. May 2014
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The roads in the EU are getting safer -- from around 76 000 road deaths per year in 1991 to 26 000 deaths reported in 2013. This is the result of hard work by many actors on local, national and EU level. The EU road safety work focuses on seven objectives for the period 2011-2020: Better education of road users, better enforcement of traffic rules, safer roads, safer vehicles, better use of modern technologies, reducing the number of serious road traffic injuries and improving the safety of vulnerable road users. The EU road safety work is a great success story. Yet, the work is still far from done. Every death is one too many. This video was launched on the occasion of the sixth European Road Safety Day, organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Greek EU Presidency in Athens on 9th May 2014. The European Road Safety Day is a yearly event that brings together road safety experts, NGOs, policy makers and the industry to find common solutions to European road safety problems. More information can be found on

La nueva Ley de Seguridad entra fuerte, si bien en determinados aspectos habrá que esperar al próximo Reglamento General de Circulación que la desarrolle. No obstante, desde el 9 de mayo de 2014 ya están vigentes las siguientes novedades más destacables:

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12. May 2014

La Seguridad Vial somos todos. See the attached press cut.

We are mobilizing the Spanish society and EU world since year 2008 and with collaboration of the Spanish authorities I have participate in controlling the road accident in Spain. I am also working to control the Accident in Asia especially in Pakistan from SARSAL forum and high ups of Pakistan have been given many proposals. In this regard the Secretary General of UN has been informed about the condition. My report in this regard is attached for information of all.

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8. May 2014

Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas has today presented the "Excellence in Road Safety Award" to the Transport Research Centre of the Czech Republic, for their commitment to safe and smart roads. This yearly award, created by the European Road Safety Charter, rewards organisations that have made a good, sustainable and realistic commitment to road safety. This year's award was handed over at the informal ministerial meeting on transport in Athens.

21. June 2014
Autodrom Nordhausen, Am Stadion 2

CONTRALCO, world's #1 manufacturer of reliable single-use alcohol breathalyzers since 1982, develops in addition to alcohol tests, a whole line of innovative road safety tools to improve road safety education awareness.Since June 2013 the company has been the only company in the entire world to hold the new NF mark certification, requiring single-use breathalyzers manufacturers to manufacture alcohol tests with 0% defects.

To encourage the practice of road safety culture by creating awareness throughout educational approaches, and advocating on behalf of road safety and road traffic injury victims.

SARSAL (Safe Roads for Safe Life) Road Safety Association is providing Education about road safety since 2008 and thousands of peoples have been benefited in this regard. My organization is proud to work with the Spanish Road Safety Authorities to control the road accidents. I intends to enhance cooperation with all EU agencies/departments/organizations working in this field. My agency shall provide all kind of cooperation without any cost.

21. May 2014
Faculdade de Medicina Dentária

La campaña Eliminando Barreras X no es una campaña aislada, se trata de un proceso de continuidad iniciado en el año 2003, en el que la Policía Local mostró su apoyo y solidaridad a este grupo de personas con movilidad reducida con el fin de hacerles mucho más fácil su vida diaria, facilitándoles sus desplazamientos a lo largo de nuestra ciudad.

28. April 2014
28. April 2014
4. June 2014 to 5. June 2014

Road crashes data collection and analysis , road safety awarness , policy designer.

We carried out research to find and highlight the worst driving habits in the UK. We then turned these into an infographic which was seeded to all the major motoring publications and blogs.

L’ Accademia Eraclitea è un Ente di alta formazione che vanta innumerevoli accreditamenti. Tra questi citiamo quelli correlati al Ministereo della Giustizia, al Ministero dell’Interno, al Ministero dei Trasporti, al Ministero della Sanità e alla Regione Siciliana. Accademia Eraclitea è accreditata inoltre quale ente di ricerca presso il MIUR ed opera in convenzione con gli Ordini professionali ed Collegi in ottemperanza ai rispettivi regolamenti per il rilascio dei crediti formativi professionali obbligatori. Accademia ha sede a Catania, Corso delle Province n.

17. April 2014
Palmotićeva 57 a
16. April 2014
2. December 2014
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17. September 2014
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21. May 2014
United Kingdom

Here at Sixt we are offering you some driving tips for when you are abroad and in need of some advice. The areas of advice that we have covered are: Rules and Regulations, Speed Limits, Things to Bring Along & any additional information we thought might be relevent to your trip.

FACTUM is a SME founded in 1988 that focuses on traffic and mobility policies from the perspective of psychological and social sciences. The main objective is to develop and implement suitable instruments that make solid research, e.g. on human motives, viable. The targeted areas are approached under consideration of culture, lifestyle and life quality as those play a vital role. The expertise of FACTUM lies in qualitative and heuristic methodology (round-table discussions, focus-group interviews, in depth and narrative interviews, workshops).

Here at Sixt we have launched a brand new drink driving awareness campaign. Our aim is to provide our customers and the wider public with a much clearer understanding of the true dangers involved with mixing alcohol and driving, as well as explaining in detail the limits, the laws, and the effects that alcohol can have on the body.

What are the limits?

La nostra società effettua il servizio di ripristino delle condizioni di sicurezza e viabilità post incidente stradale, a seguito di sversamenti di liquidi in dotazione funzionale ai veicoli coinvolti nell'incidente. Per la realizzazione degli scopi anzidetti, effettuiamo interventi immediati, in condizioni di emergenza, mediante bonifica e rimessa in sicurezza dell'area interessata.


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