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Предложения за алтернативни решения

Предложения за алтернативни решения

El projecte és una instrucció directiva vinculant.

El document prioritza 2 grups de màxim risc viari, 1 d'elevat risc i 10 més d'interès preventiu.

El Pla parteix de la realitat socio-demogràfica i dels nivells d'accidentalitat de Sant Boi durant 2014, assenyalat com a any base a efectes analítics.

La filosofia respon a la fórmula de la VISIÓ ZERO: zero grups de risc o d'interès sense cobertura educativa i informativa. Zero factors de risc sense cobertura curricular o temàtica.

Dentro del programa de Educación Vial, el Equipo del Ayuntamiento de Narón está llevando a cabo una campaña dirigida especialmente a jóvenes sobre "Peligros del alcohol/drogas al volante" con el objetivo de concienciar a los mismos del riesgo de conducir bajo los efectos de bebidas alcohólicas o drogas.

El Instituto Universitario de Medicina Telemática -IUMET- es un Centro de Reconocimiento Investigador que gestiona múltiples líneas de investigación en materia de Seguridad Vial en colaboración con el Instituto Universitario de Tráfico y Seguridad Vial (INTRAS) de la Universitat de València, mediante un convenio de asesoramiento científico-técnico; y desde donde se llevan a cabo numerosas acciones de sensibilización y de concienciación en materia de Seguridad Vial.

3. July 2015

Innovative Method for Passive and Active Training of Road Users

2. February 2013 to 1. January 2014
Scuola media Giorgione

The webinar on Evaluation of Road Safety actions was held on Monday 2 March and followed by 45 participants. Susanne Lindahl introduced the subject by putting stress on the need for monitoring and evaluation; she presented the interim evaluation of the Policy Orientations on Road Safety 2011-2020 and the challenges encountered. Frank Zarifian, from the global healthcare company Sanofi, presented the rigorous reporting and evaluation process that has been developed to reach an accurate measurement of the impact of their Road Safety strategy.

21. March 2015
2. March 2015
Online webinar
European Countries
4. February 2015 to 17. February 2015
Square Meeting Centre
7. February 2015 to 8. February 2015
C/ Alcalde Santiago Martínez Cabrejas 04007 Almería. 10
9. January 2014

HealthyRoad is a new technology based company, focused on the development of biometric scanning technologies that could be implemented in professional market. The HealthyRoad Technology will be first applied to the road transportation market in order to contribute for the reduction of the number of road accidents, through the drowsiness and fatigue detection and warning system. As soon as the driver enters in an early stage of these risky conditions, this technology makes a warning sign and advises the driver to make a pause.

15. October 2014
4. December 2014
Expert conference - Round Table : " SIGNIFICANCE AND IMPACT of alcohol drinking on road safety "
5. December 2014
la Maison de l’Europe de Paris

Velar por la seguridad vial de los más pequeños en las entradas de los colegios a través del Programa Acércame con voluntariado (padres, madres y familiares del propio alumnado) que desarrollan la función de ayudar a bajarse a los niños/as del vehículo de sus familiares (que paran delante de la puerta del colegio) y los acompañan hasta la puerta del centro docente Con ello, se evita que se aparque de manera ilegal o que los padres tengan que ir antes al centro para poder buscar aparcamiento.

Astral si occupa della Progettazione, Costruzione, Gestione e Vigilanza della Rete Viaria Regionale, ha funzioni e compiti amministrativi relativi alle espropriazioni, si cura della manutenzione straordinaria della Rete Viaria Regionale, della Gestione delle opere, immobili e impianti pubblici presi in carico dall’Azienda con appositi verbali di consegna, la gestione dei servizi di monitoraggio e di rilevazione dati e della gestione dei servizi straordinari. Le unità di personale attualmente in forza (dirigenti e non dirigenti, a tempo indeterminato e determinato) sono 173.

Standard (new) trucks

All-round visibility

Large panoramic windows, low top edge of the instrument panel and fully-glazed folding door make for outstanding visibility

Visibility is enhanced by a wide-angle mirror on the driver’s side fitted
above the main mirror With a wider field of view.

Reversing camera: Extra passenger side mirror to eliminate blind spots

The Czech Beer and Malt Association (CBMA) takes an active role in promoting a responsible approach to alcohol consumption. One of its self-regulation activities is the project „When I Drive I Drink NA Beer“, which was launched in 2011 and aims to encourage responsible behavior among drivers. The project’s objective is to both minimize the occurrence of alcohol behind the wheel, which is a major cause of serious road accidents, and to increase awareness of non-alcoholic beer as a safe alternative, in terms of law enforcement and driver safety.

Meetings at hospitals, inserted in the path of future mothers, to raise awareness of the correct use of restraint systems for children and to share simple solutions to the problems for everyday's child mobility. 1 hours/month together with a cop and a psychologist discussing security in a simple and practical.

Our goal is to prevent work-related accidents and road transport by road safety education and also fully assist the victims of these disasters. Address the causes and effects of this global scourge

18. September 2014
Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos.

Il Piano d’Azione della Polizia Stradale prevede un concreto impegno non solamente per la diminuzione del numero di incidenti e di vittime, ma anche per un decremento delle violazioni delle norme del Codice della Strada, in particolare quelle più gravi, come la guida in stato di ebbrezza e sotto l’influenza di sostanze stupefacenti, l’eccesso di velocità e il mancato utilizzo della cintura di sicurezza.

18. September 2014
Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos


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