European Road Safety Charter

Touring Club Suisse - TCS

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
The TCS (Touring Club Suisse) is committed to improve road safety in Switzerland and Europe particularly by:
1-       Put in place a new program to encourage drivers to change their attitude in driving and to make sure that they are aware of the influence they have on other users. A special challenge is to motivate drivers to take voluntary lessons for improving their driving behaviour. We would like to reach about 70000 new drivers per year. About 200000 new educated people in 3 years.
2-       Continuing to audit the main road network within the EuroRAP program and isolating black spots that need safety measures. Putting an effort on the mountain roads to improve road safety for motorcyclists and to reduce from 5% the number of deaths in this category.
3-       Continuing the education program for all road users, starting with children's education and going to check-up courses for elderly drivers. We would like to convince regional government to put in place road safety education lessons in the obligatory school education plans. On very long term we could reach about 400'000 children in the schools.
4-        We will regularly publish information about those activities in our Website.
The TCS also keeps improving its road assistance services, not only in case of breakdowns, but also after accidents. Road safety is furthermore a subject in each edition of the member magazine "Touring".
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