Carta Europea de la Seguridad Vial

Travel and Express Group of Companies

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Travel and Express Group of Companies is committing to the European Road Safety Charter with activities for enhancing driver consciousness.

  1. We will install speed limit cut-offs on all our fleet vehicles.
  2. We will maintain regular servicing and inspections of our fleet and will evaluate the good condition of our fleet via electronic monitoring.
  3. With the participation of the Cyprus Police, the Cyprus Tourism Organization and the Road and Transport Department of Ministry of Communications and Works, we, on a regular basis, will organise training seminars for all our workforce including health and road safety issues and for enhancing driver's consciousness.
  4. We will install a special manual regarding safe and healthy driving concerning passengers and drivers at a well visible position within our department. We will install in all of our vehicles special instructions regarding Health and Safety both for the driver as well as the passengers.
  5. We aim to produce a leaflet (1000) on Driving and Working safely, which will be available to our employees as well as to our collaborators and partners.
  6. Travel & Express management will actively participate in various seminars, conferences and activities that concern the enhancement of driver's consciousness. Management will then be responsible to transfer this gained knowledge to the rest of its workforce.
  7. Travel & Express is planning to offer awards/incentives on a yearly basis (3 different awards) to its best drivers based on their overall driving behaviour which will be marked upon minimum vehicle breakdowns and minimum traffic accidents, minimum customer complaints and minimum police fines.

Nicosia, 13th February 2009

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