European Road Safety Charter

Unione Italiana Giornalisti dell'Automobile (UIGA)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
The UIGA undertakes to pay specific attention to the topic of road safety at the next three editions of the Premio Auto Europa, an annual event held to select the car considered most interesting by the European Union market.
Particular emphasis will be placed on how innovation and technology can be made available for safety initiatives to contribute to ensuring more sustainable mobility. The project will involve the organisation of a meeting, bringing together the relevant institutions, companies in the sector and UIGA journalist members to promote debate on road safety so as to provide significant indicators and information that can be transmitted to all of the citizens who can be reached through the media in which our members work.
In addition, a road safety laboratory will be organised during the event in the host city, at which companies, institutions and car manufacturers will present projects, research, studies and products developed in the field of safety technology to journalists and the public.
Finally, part of the city square will be used to test in practice what was presented in the laboratory, and a number of lessons on road safety will be given free of charge by national-level instructors.
The aim of these two activities (meeting and laboratory) is therefore to provide subjects for the publication of news, comments and reflection in all of the Italian media in which our journalist members operate in order to contribute, in the final analysis, to improving the knowledge and culture of every single citizen about road safety through a media awareness activity.
The aim is to raise awareness among approximately 10,000,000 people over three years.
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