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United Democratic Youth Organisation (EDON)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

For the coming three years we will carry out the following actions:
1. Educating the youth on road safety consciousness from an early age
2. Providing educational/training seminars on road safety (by Officers from the Ministry of Communications and Works or the Police)
3. Organising road safety campaigns that address children, the youth and young workers in all districts of Cyprus (issuing an informational leaflet, stickers and bookmarkers to disseminate amongst organisation members and others)

Targetting the following age groups:
• Children (between the ages of 7-14)
• Students (between the ages of 14-24)
• Young Workers (between the ages of 20-33)

Via the following Methods:
1. Educational Lectures
2. Seminars
3. Training Workshops
4. Awareness building campaigns
5. Mapping research on the extent and nature of the problem
6. Informational leaflets, stickers, posters, web blog

The above actions will be undertaken by the Executive Committee of the Central Council of EDON and a team of 5 persons will be responsible of planning, drafting the material, coordinating and supervising the implementation of all actions in co-operation with District Secretaries of the Organisation.



charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Because statistically the majority of victims in road accident is young people whodrive either under the influence of alcohol or drive in high peed exceeding speed limits. Our work by nature, consentrates on the youth and their behaviour in every aspect of life. One of the issues we deal with is road behaviour and the reasosns behind behaour that is anti-social to misdirection many compaing and actions are conducted in order to solve the problem of such anti-social behavo among the  youth.

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