European Road Safety Charter

United Motors

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


We will commit to the European Road Safety charter with the following actions.
In order to increase Road Safety, we will organize a free safe driving training 4-5 times per year, for different target groups, doctors, advertising agencies, around 20-50 people. We will personally chose the groups and contact them. This training includes theory, practice and human beings psychological aspects. The objective is to better prepare the driver for everyday traffic behaviour. The training starts with a 40 -45 min lecture, where we will talk about how to safely sit in a car seat, what to take in account when being in traffic and what are the characteristics of a good driver.
In the practical part the participants will make exercises that will teach them for example correct mechanics of the steering wheel and how to act in dangerous situations.
The training will help the driver making the right decisions in case of emergency, which may occur only once in their lifetime. It is essential to be able to anticipate and resolve dangerous situations in traffic.
According to the season we will focus on specific issues, giving practical advice to both winter and summer period.
We want to organize a "Road Show", 10 training per year for 16 people per session. Road Show is a client day, an opportunity for different companies partners or clients to spend a day together and learn about road safety.
The people chosen for the event are partners or clients of companies.
The purpose with the event is to introduce the dynamical characteristics and safe driving skills of 6-8 cars.
Before the driving session we will talk about the right position of sitting, the position of the steering wheel and safe driving skills.
The purpose is to drive 100-120 kilometres by changing the cars; the journey will end in a place where all participants will have the opportunity to carry out road safety exercises.
The exercises are constructed so that they can only be carried out properly by the mastery of proper driving.
We will inform about road safety by having "Some tips for road safety" on our website.
We will also distribute 300 leaflets per year.
Duration of commitment 2009-2011


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