European Road Safety Charter

University of Applied Sciences

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
1)We organise courses focused on Road Safety that go beyond our usual engineering teaching, directed to:
- to students who want to graduate as motor vehicle teacher (20 participants every year)
- to motor vehicle teacher wanting to improving their qualification (on average 15 graduates per year)
- to people responsible for international goods transportation (approximately 25 participants every month).
We educate secondary school pupils of 11th- 12th form (16-18 years old) concerning the danger of drunk driving; our aim is to reach 12% of all secondary school pupils annually.
2- Participation in road safety projects
We participate in the work of State road safety committee (once every three months, discussing the most important traffic issues in Estonia).
We participate, as the developer of the system, in a workshop which is working out the penalty point system for traffic offences in Estonia. These workshops take place 6 times per year.
Duration of commitment: 2009-2011
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