European Road Safety Charter

University of Helsinki

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The University of Helsinki promotes public transport and cycling both because of their safety and their environmental friendliness. We will implement the following measures as part of the European Road safety Charter during 2010-2012:
We will make a survey for our staff and students about the lack of cycling routes and to collect ideas for improvements for the existing ones. Based on the survey results, we will discuss the safety and other problems in cooperation with technical entities, the city of Helsinki and the Police in order to evaluate the need for improvements. The survey will be conducted in the spring of 2010 and improvements done to the infrastructure after that.
We will study the compatibility of different public transport routes and schedules between the various campuses. As indicators we will use the usage of paid parking slots and the percentage of different means of transport that are used for moving from one campus to another.
After the study we will further investigate the possible shortcomings with the schedules and routes together with the Helsinki City Transport (HKL) so that we can improve public transport accessibility and usability between the campuses, reduce private car use and hence improve Road Safety.

The information gathered by the studies, surveys and questionnaires is studied in co-operation with different entities in order to find the best corrective procedures. Different working groups will be assembled with the collaborating institutions if needed. 



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