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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Over the next three years UNic will be actively involved in offering services to its 3500 youth to create awareness and understanding of road safety.
The University of Nicosia is working on an EU funded project (HEalth & ROad safety: volunteering heroes (HERO)) which has as a strategic aim to bring together youth volunteer organizations active in health prevention and/or road safety organization in order to assist in the education of this community and develop them into conscious and knowledgeable divers thus reducing the number of road fatalities in Cyprus and subsequently the European Union.

  1. We will actively participate and organize in collaboration with Responsible Young Drivers Belgium and the Cyprus authorities (police etc) the 'European Night without Accidents' campaign to inform and create awareness through this annual campaign regarding safe driving. We hope to minimize deaths due to drinking and driving through this by creating awareness.

    Specifically the 'European Night Without Accidents' is an awareness campaign organized each year in nightclubs all over Europe on the third Saturday of October. In each nightclub, a team of youngsters (volunteers) welcomes the drivers at the entrance and encourages them to take up a responsible attitude behind the wheel. The driver who wants to participate makes a promise with our team, committing to remain sober. When they leave the party, our team suggests to the driver to voluntarily take an alcohol test. This is organized with partners across Europe.
    This year's campaign will involve volunteers from our student body and together with the Cyprus Police will organize themselves to cover at least seven nightclubs in the major towns of Cyprus (Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca).

  2. Through our networking and liaison opportunities with the HERO project, we actively exchange working methods and share best practices. Therefore, we will use this opportunity to develop further road safety action plans for the university and then implement them throughout the period of registration. We plan to establish an annual campaign aiming at creating awareness regarding road accidents in order to reduce them, as well as assist in altering the attitudes and behaviour of young drivers amongst our students and community. The 2009 campaign will be announced and its process precisely defined.

We will review our action plan year on year according to evaluation.

Nicosia, 13th February 2009

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