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Vänta Aga Cycling Club

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
1) We are participating as experts in bicycle project Eesti Rattarikkaks! where the aim is to investigate and find out the best solutions for safe bicycle roads.
We will carry out a survey in 20 cities, on two levels, an audit directed to administrative personal and bicycle user groups (4-3 experts in bicycle subjects) and a survey to regular citizens. The survey will investigate their opinion about the cities bicycle facilities regarding road safety.
The questionnaires will be spread through mailing lists, bicycle conferences and media.
The purpose is to find out the safest cities for bicycles, what makes them safe, how are their bicycle roads built and organized. These cities will be the good examples for other cities regarding bicycle traffic organization.
With this action we hope to disseminate good practices among public authorities in order to improve the conditions for bicycle road safety.
2) We are leading the project Estovelo which aims to improve the conditions of bicycle routes.
Through out the three years we plan to check the state of the bicycle routes and signs. There are 4000 bicycle signs set out all over Estonia; we expect there is a need to repair 900 - 1000 signs per year depending on the state of the signs. Our association will control them 3-4 times per year and fix them if necessary.
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