An Chairt Eorpach um Shábháilteacht ar Bhóithre

Valga Linnavalitsus

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


We are concerned by the safety around schools, as, especially in winter, children have to go to schools in darkness.
Therefore, through out three years we will commit to the road safety charter with the following actions.
- Renew the state of 13 pedestrian crossings by repainting, renewing the plastic cover, for the 1st of septembe
( first school day in Estonia).
- Renovating the street lightning near schools and kindergardens, 6 schools and 4 kindergardens.
- Build out additionalt street lightning around pedestrian crossings to improve visibilty( 13 pedestrian crossings)
- Together with the police keep the road safety playground in a good shape by renovating it when needed.
Duration of action 2009-2011


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