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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
We will organize yearly events (with massive attendance), usually in the form of festivals, such as the metal (music) festival in memory of all the victims who lost their lives in car accidents during which we aim to make young people aware of road safety.
We will advertise the event methodically, through flyers (around 2000), 5 banners, digital flyers which we will also upload on our website and other forums (as a form of invitation and advertisement), as well as television and radio advertisement. 
We usually organize this kind of festivals since they have resonance to young people. Our members are mostly involved in many parts of the procedure (like spreading the awareness about the festival and its aims).

Our main aim for each year is to attract as many people as possible, spread the awareness on the importance of road safety and sensitize young people in order to contribute as much as we can to the limitation of fatalities in car accidents.


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