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The project "Moving 2010-2011" aims to encourage 13 to 19 year-old young people to choose the safest and most appropriate ways to move their trips to school and to hobbies. The project will be implemented in secondary schools, colleges, high schools and vocational schools. The project includes drama workshops, competitions and production of materials for teachers, enabling them to deal with road safety theme as part of their teaching. The methods we will use encourage young people to reflect their own actions. The material produced for teachers, drama workshop school visitors and other visitors will be in their use after completion of the project.
The project includes:
  • Recruiting and training 60 school visitors that will lead the drama workshops.
  • Organization of 220 drama workshops in upper comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and secondary vocational schools.
  • Drama workshops will reach approximately 4,000 young people.
  • Organization of competition, aiming to activate the reflection of one’s behaviour in traffic, that will reach at least 1,000 young people.
  • Production of material for teachers.
The communication of the project will be done as part of another project called “Note”. We will send information by email to about 3000 teachers and 20,000 “Note”-leaflets will be distributed during the every school year.
As indicators for evaluating the project we will use:
  • The number of educated school visitors and their feedback.
  • The number of drama workshops and their participants, and the feedback from participants and those teachers who asked drama workshops to be organized in their classes.
  • The number of participants in the competition.
  • Feedback from teachers about the produced materials.
Youth Academy works as project coordinator and takes care of its implementation. Financing for the project has been asked from the Ministry of Employment and Economy.



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