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The Youth Board of Cyprus

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Since the Youth Board of Cyprus addresses the total of young people living in Cyprus, it plans to:
1) We will send by post to 26.000 Euro <26 card (European Youth Card - 100.000 discounts in shops and services in 38 countries) holders road safety information including an informative leaflet.
2) We will promote road safety through the annual "Youth Festival" organised by the Youth Board. This festival includes concerts, cultural events, contests and other various activities which are attended by almost 100.000 young people.
3) The Youth Board of Cyprus will participate in governmental committees focusing on road safety issues, representing in this way the young people of Cyprus and their interests.
4) We will create and promote road safety TV and radio spots, mainly targeted to young people.
5) In cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Works, the Police and the Ministry of Education and Culture we will organise and hold seminars during which experts will focus on and promote road safety.
6) We will support youth organisations, which are members of the Advisory Body of the Youth Board of Cyprus, in their campaigns for road safety. This support can be not only financial but also practical.
7) We will post on the Youth Board's official website information on road safety.


charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Cyprus is faced with a variety of road safety issues, many of them relating to young people. The greatest problem is undoubtedly young people's driving under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, they are inclined to fast driving since it exites and thrills them and at the same time it is a way to gain a high social status. A great percentage of young people also drives without having a driving license, endangering in this way not only themselves but also the safety of others.

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Due to the above mentioned issues a great number of young people lose their life every year on the roads. First and foremost, the official school curriculum should incorporate a subject focusing on road safety and correct driving behaviour. Secondly, since the majority of car accidents are caused by male drivers, they should be trained on road safety issues during their compulsory military service. This training can be realized by external experts who will visit schools and army camps.

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